LEA!N provides a powerful library of accelerator templates, forms, surveys and sheets for implementing Lean in a group, department, or throughout the company. Developed by leading authorities on LEAN and Six Sigma, this app is built on the body of knowledge of continuous improvement making it easily accessible and useful to organizations through the Google Apps for Work platform.

LEA!N, a robust collection of continuous improvement concepts, forms, surveys and sheets to enable your journey to continuous improvement.

  • Introduction of LEA!N Concepts

  • Empowering People

    • 5S Workplace Organization

    • Lean System for Managing

    • Problem Solving Techniques

    • Skills and Training Matrices

    • Conducting Effective Virtual Meetings

    • Responsibility Charting

    • Decision Making Skills

  • Process Excellence

    • Standard Work

    • Value Stream Mapping

    • Identifying and Eliminating Waste

  • Accelerating Innovation

    • Voice of the Customer - Business

    • Lean Assessment

    • Hoshin Planning, QFD

    • Benchmarking

    • Change Management

    • Quality Tools

    • Plan Do Check Act

    • A3 Approach to Improvement Initiatives

    • Poka Yoke

    • Kaizen

  • World Class Delivery

    • Supplier Performance Scorecard

    • Inventory Management Training and template

    • Supplier Development training and templates

    • Strategic Sourcing

    • Lean Procurement

LEA!N works by guiding users through easy to understand and use tools that help to identify challenges and match the appropriate tool(s) to address those challenges.

  • Learn the concepts of continuous improvement

  • Preformatted data collection forms collate critical information

  • Dashboards visually display critical data necessary for real-time decision-making

  • Act on the information and work through a collaboration to experiment with solutions.

Monday, January 23, 2017

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